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Day Training

Do you struggle to find time to train your dog, but you don't want to send your dog away for boarding? Day Training is when I come to your home to train your dog for you. This is a great alternative to board & train programs because your dog gets to spend one-on-one time with a professional dog trainer, and your dog gets to stay home with you!

Day training is one of the most efficient ways for your dog to learn. Training happens much faster when an experienced professional is training your dog. You wouldn't pay a piano teacher to teach YOU how to teach your child piano, so why do the same with your dog? 


Dogs learn faster when they are given very few chances to make mistakes. Beginner handlers tend to make so many training errors that the dog ends up developing more bad habits along the way, which ultimately slows down your progress.  


It is crucial that you become trained as well, but Day Training makes this a much easier process for you. Instead of being responsible for teaching your dog new behaviors, you are only responsible for maintaining what your dog has already learned. 

Day Training can help with...

Leash Manners


Coming When Called

Off leash training

Crate Training

Confidence building

Behavior Modification

and much more!

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How Does Day Training Work?​

First, you will receive a free assessment so you can learn about my training philosophy and see if this program is right for you.


Then, we will schedule 3-4 training sessions per week for a minimum of 3 weeks. The training sessions are scheduled in the morning or early afternoon. Each session is about 45 minutes long.


You will receive a transfer lesson each week so you can be brought up to speed on what your dog has been learning. Transfer lessons will help you become familiar with the training process and will allow you to confidently maintain your dog's behavior. I will also provide ongoing support to help you stay on track after your dog's day training program is complete.

Day Training Rate 

Training is between $240 - 300 per week depending on how many sessions your dog gets per week. There might be a travel fee depending on where you live.

After your dog has completed 3 weeks of day training, you will continue to receive the day training rate ($60 per session) for any additional private lessons that you might need. 

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"Kirsten is truly a dog whisperer. We came to her after our 5 year old dog began to develop some territorial issues. We were pretty lax with his training in the first place too, so we wanted to develop reliable recall and to just have him listen to us. After 3 weeks, the change is huge. A little structure truly goes a long way, and I feel so much more confident as a dog owner after working with Kirsten. Not only is she clearly an excellent and caring dog trainer, she is super nice, responsive, and flexible. I felt like she really cared about what was most important to us and adjusted her training accordingly. 10/10 recommend" - Kassie

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