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I began my career with training dogs in 2009 working at an animal shelter in Wisconsin. I have helped dogs from a variety of backgrounds including hoarding situations, neglectful homes, and even meat farms. I was one of the founding members of the shelter’s at-risk dog program where we used behavior modification techniques to increase adoption odds. My experience includes teaching the shelter’s group dog training classes and providing private behavior counseling and training services. My work not only helped dogs find good homes but to STAY in these homes.

I am CPDT-KA certified, meaning I have passed rigorous tests for knowledge and skills in evidence- based dog training. I am dedicated to continuously advancing my knowledge in the field by attending workshops and seminars.  I also hold a degree in psychology and my studies included an emphasis in animal behavior. My education helped me develop an in-depth understanding of how we learn new behaviors along with methods to change old habits. Outside of my formal education I have spent thousands of hours studying dog training methodology. I have successfully worked with hundreds of private clients to address behavior problems from the simple to complex.

Regardless of where your dog is from, you can still create a better life for you and your dog through effective training and behavior modification techniques. My motivational methods utilize operant and classical conditioning. My goal is to see your dog as an individual and I will discuss the pros and cons of the various ways you can manage or resolve your dog’s behavioral problems. Positive reinforcement is always used to set up the foundation for your dog’s program, but other methods will be considered based on your dog’s needs.

Training should bring out the best in you AND your dog, which I know can seem impossible when your dog suffers from a behavioral problem. When you read my Success Stories, try to imagine the growth that took place for both the dogs and humans alike. Imagine how wonderful it will be to achieve the results you have always hoped for. However, my job does not end there. I want you to see your dog with new eyes, learn something about yourself and to grow together as a team. No matter what your training journey looks like, my wish for you is that you experience this with your dog.

Please reach out to me to tell me about your dog and your goals. I am looking forward to showing you how I can help.

Best Wishes,

Kirsten Watry

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